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Below you can find the KetoAWARE education programme in the current version 2.0 (March 2020) for download.

The program was supported by an independent medical education grant of AstraZeneca.

To download KetoAWARE you have to register first.

If you are already registered move directly to the Login.

Overview of the functionality of the KetoAWARE education programme

For more detailed information about the functionality, please refer to the user manual, which is automatically downloaded with the application.

  • Language: All languages are included in the download - a separate download for each language is not necessary. You can select your language when starting the programme. During the course you can still switch between the languages.
  • Group composition: You can choose between a group completely without SGLT inhibitors, a group completely with SGLT inhibitors, and a mixed group. The slides relevant to each group are automatically selected.
  • SGLT specifics: Slides specifically for SGLT inhibitors are marked with a certain symbol.
  • Move slides: You can move all slides in the page overview. Please refer to the user manual for further details.
  • Hide slides: You can hide and show all slides in the page overview. Please refer to the user manual for further details.
  • Animations: You can choose whether the slides should be shown with or without animations.
  • Save: You can individually arrange your education course and save up to 8 settings.